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The Metrasexual Manifesta
Metra Update


Metra Update

Metra Update: March 2004

Metra update: 2004
Months have passed.  Met-sexuality has evolved.  Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is old hat now; Straight Plan for the Gay Man is televising the kind of gender-conformational pressure we've seen exerted on women for years on makeover shows and the like.  Metrosexuality has taken its place as arguably the most-exploited (and, often, most-derided) cultural trend of 2003.
But now it's 2004.  The year of the presidential election, of upheavals over same-sex marriage, of a slowly recovering economy.  This year is about saving your money and marrying the person you love and voting for the candidate you trust.  If metrosexuality is easily exploited for commercial gain - the notion that we are not complete without our diet aids and facial scrubs and expensive shoes has long been pushed on women, and now advertisers are expanding their market to the metrosexual male - perhaps metrasexuality is in part a rejection of commercialism.  Metrasexuals don't need makeup and hot curlers to be happy.  We might avail ourselves of them from time to time, but they don't define us.
The net presence of metrasexuality is slowly growing.  A google search for "metrasexual" reveals a link to this page and specialized search pages that also link to this page (all with the same tagline: "women who enjoy male-associated pursuits").  Even better, Urban Dictionary now includes a definition for metrasexual.
It's hard being a metrasexual when our time has clearly not yet come.  The ad on this browser window invites me to visit a website called "makeover-o-matic" to "create my hottest look ever".  Television commercials exhort me to lose weight and use moisturizer.  Where are the 30-second spots telling me - and every unrealized metrasexual out there - about the kind of womanhood that doesn't wear perfume, that likes to get its hands dirty, that would rather rake in the dough than knead it?
They're coming.  Maybe 2004 will see not only a presidential election, a revolution in marriage, and some of the worst television programming ever, but also the time when people of all sexes and genders can be most truly and proudly themselves.