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The Metrasexual Manifesta
Metra Update

The Emergence of Met-Sexuality
With the October 24 episode of Miss Match, the term "metrosexual" (designating a man who acts stereotypically feminine but is not necessarily gay) has achieved official pop culture penetration. It's all over the web, in magazines, and now on broadcast television.

But where's the female equivalent? What about all those women who aren't like what men expect, but who are like... men? Where's our pop culture revolution?

Right here. A web search for "metrasexual" (on google, yahoo, even amazon) reveals no web presence of met-sexual women. Let's change that.

What is a Metrasexual?

What is a metrasexual? The inverse of a metrosexual.

A metrosexual is a man with a strong interest in personal grooming and other female-associated pursuits. Maybe he cooks, or knits, or has a beautiful home he decorated himself. Certainly he devotes meticulous care to his skin, hair, and body.

A metrasexual is a woman with a strong interest in male-associated pursuits. We like sports or cars or video games. Or maybe we just really love our job. We date men or women or both or neither, but we don't let it get in the way of who we are.

The essential element of the metrasexual is the focus on herself. As metrosexuals have appropriated a traditionally feminine characteristic - the pride in and self-definition by appearances (of the self, the home, or the gourmet cooking), metrasexual appropriate a traditionally male characteristic - the reliance on self and substance.

Metrasexuals aren't (necessarily) feminists or lesbians. We don't hate men or want to become them. Many of us know how to groom, cook, and decorate quite well - when, and only when, we choose to. What unites us is not how we look or act, but that we are women who prefer to use our time grooming our minds and souls, not our bodies.

Build the Movement!

I know you're out there, fellow metrasexuals! Come forward. Sign the guestbook and tell the world about your metrasexuality. Include a link to your webpage, or link to this one.  Let the world know that women are met-sexuals too!

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